Montgomery Pass Project

The Montgomery Pass Project covers an extensive area of alteration ranging from siliceous sinter with past mercury production to breccia pipes associated with an altered porphyry stock.  Historic work on the project consists of geologic mapping, acquisition of over 1,400 rock chip samples, 400 soil samples and completion of  at least 94 shallow drill holes.  Average depth of holes ~225 feet.

Multiple low sulfidation high-grade veins have been identified at surface with values from 3 to 16 ppm gold and 15 to 118 ppm silver.  Additional targets include jasperoid replacement of Paleozoic sediments and Tertiary volcanics with grades ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 ppm gold, gold rich skarns, and breccia pipes mined for silver and base metals.

The project is currently leased to a private company.